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    • Oscillator

      Oscillator is an electronic active component, including XO (quartz crystal oscillator), VCXO (voltage controlled quartz crystal Body oscillator), TCXO/VCTCXO (temperature compensation / voltage control temperature compensation quartz crystal oscillator), OCXO (constant temperature control quartz crystal oscillator) and so on.

    • Resonator

      Quartz crystal resonator
      Quartz crystal resonators are electronic passive components made of "quartz" components, which have the highest quality. The quality factor and the high frequency stability under different temperature changes are widely used in various wired and wireless electronic products or systems such as "reference clock" and "synchronous signal".


    Focus on competitive R&D and manufacturing, with a professional R&D team to solve the problem of crystal vibration problems for customers, providing concentration The service can be customized according to customer requirements. At present, JGHC crystal oscillator has been sold at home and abroad.
    Sample application
    Provide crystal frequency solution for customers, general materials can be quickly sampled for the majority of engineering development test。
    About us
    Shenzhen jingguanghua Electronics Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in the crystal oscillator industry. Since 1996, jingguanghua has successively provided crystal resonators, constant temperature crystal oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, automotive electronics (wide temperature crystal oscillators), tire pressure crystal oscillators and other crystal oscillators to the market. SMD chip crystal oscillator is widely used in communication equipment, automotive electronics, Internet of things, security, consumer electronics, military products, wearable devices and other consumer digital products.


    Professional to provide the most scientific crystal oscillator solutions in circuit applications
    • Focus on crystal oscillator for 26 years
      It has advanced manufacturing technology and first-class technicians in Japan, which greatly improves the high precision and high stability of crystal oscillator。
    • Collaborative research and development
      Can participate in the customer circuit design part, solve the crystal problems, complete the crystal demand design together。
    • Technical support
      Full range of technical support, to provide professional crystal solutions, products with miniaturization, high precision, low power and other advantages。
    • Fast delivery
      Fully automated production line, one-stop production, order ability is better, easy to achieve mass product development and supply。
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    What are the four important parameters of crystal oscillator selection?



    What are the four important parameters of crystal oscillator selection?


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